This Moment on Earth by John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry

This Moment on Earth by John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry

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If a family has worked the land for six generations as ranchers, is it right that an energy company can drive holes through it, impose new roads across it, and abandon old wells without consent?

Is it right that bodies of water across the nation are being polluted and the air quality ruined by massive agri-business?

If citizens of the European Union are protected from the indiscriminate use of certain chemicals, shouldn't Americans be afforded at least the same protection?

If a single business can benefit by $2 billion a year through a commitment to energy efficiency, wouldn't all shareholders and investors want their businesses to be similarly innovative?

Common sense tells us that there is a practical and moral right answer to all of these questions. In this book, Senator John Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry offer a compelling narrative, documenting the challenges confronting us. And they celebrate an inspiring new generation of Americans determined to serve their country in the most essential way: by doing whatever is necessary to secure its future. These men and women have had to act without meaningful support from their own government. But they have understood that our relationship to our environment- within our homes, communities, states, and nations- is the great challenge of our time, and one that we cannot, in good conscience, ignore any longer. From scattered individual efforts, the new environmentalists have rallied community support and have developed new bipartisanship in problem solving. Their examples, from the leading edge of the environmental frontier, offer a vision for a future that all of us can share in, and the prospect of an opportunity that every citizen can benefit from.

About John Kerry: John Kerry has been a leader in the environmental movement throughout his public life, beginning with his involvement in the first Earth Day celebration in Massachusetts in 1970. Serving four terms in the US Senate, where he holds one of the top environmental voting records, he has led to the fight to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He has passed legislation protecting our oceans, fisheries, and air, and has been an outspoken advocate for fuel efficiency. He was named an Environmental Hero by the League of Conservation Voters, and as the Democratic Nominee for President in 2004, was the first candidate to make energy policy a cornerstone of a presidential campaign. Kerry continued to promote environmental causes during his tenure as Secretary of State under Barack Obama from 2013-2017.

About Teresa Heinz Kerry: Teresa Heinz Kerry, a pioneer in venture philanthropy, is one of the nation's leading environmental advocates serving as chairman of the Heinz Endowments and the Heinz Family Philanthropies. In 1995, when the UTNE Reader named 100 Visionaries, Teresa Heinz was among them. Later that year, Teresa joined with EDF to launch the Heinz Center to improve the scientific and economic foundation for environmental policy through collaboration among industry, government, academic, and environmental organizations. Because of her long-standing interest in women's health and the environment, in 1996 her foundation began an annual national conference of women's health and the environment. Mrs. Heinz Kerry has received numerous awards, honorary doctorates, and is a frequent op-ed page contributor.