Earth Day 2010 shirt

Earth Day 2010 shirt

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Blue Earth Day 2010 t-shirt

In 1970, the first environmental activists, realizing that our planet was in peril, held the first Earth Day. In 2010, the 40th anniversary of Earth Day was celebrated with the goal of getting all hands on deck to revamp the environmental movement.

Earth Day presents a unique opportunity to make a collective impact on the quality of our ecosystems. Earth Day Network's 2010 campaign sought to broaden and reinvigorate the environmental movement by organizing millions of people and thousands of groups toward a single goal – a Billion Acts of Green™.

The Billion Acts of Green™ campaign successfully activated a worldwide effort to make deliberate decisions that benefit the environment; the movement was a huge success and continues to be to this day.

This Earth Day 2010 shirt is extremely powerful. The hands of children reaching toward the Earth show that children need a healthy Earth in order to have a future. Additionally, the artwork shows that the future of the Earth is going to be crafted by human hands- we have a great responsibility to "reach out to Earth" in order to protect our planet, protect our children and protect our future.