Earth Day 2007 The Voice of Change is Global poster

Earth Day 2007 The Voice of Change is Global poster

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Earth Day 2007 marked the second year of Earth Day Network's Climate Change Solutions Campaign which brought community groups from around the globe together to promote solutions to climate change and to build political will for action. The campaign aimed to raise public awareness about the devastating impacts of climate change- especially the challenges posed to the most vulnerable citizens- and to mobilize individuals to take action. 

This poster promotes an idea that was developing in 2007 but has never been more true than it is in 2017: the voice of change is global. The Paris Climate Agreement brought almost 200 countries together to come to a mutual agreement on progress that needs to be made in order to address climate change. We must continue to support the Paris Agreement and similar global agreements in the future in order to fight the devastating effects of climate change across the world.

Purchase this poster as a reminder of both the progress we have made and the change we still need to see!